How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer

How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer

1. Cut your stems before placing in water & vase 

our team precuts all bouquets and arrangements. It is still important to give your flowers a quick snip before placing them into water. This ensures the water and nutrients absorb efficiently into your flowers. Make sure your flowers are eating good too!


2. Add vodka to your water...?

You heard that right. Next time, add a tablespoon of vodka to your water. This will help fight bacterial growth and inhibit ethylene production. Basically, fancy for keeping your flowers fresh longer. 


3. Remove extra leaves

If the leaves are resting underneath the waterline of your vase, remove them. This will again prevent bacteria build up, promote the blooming of flowers, and preserve them for longer. 


4. Replace the water in your vase every few days 

This may be an inconvenient step, but goes a long way. You should rinse out your vase and replace with fresh water every 2-3 days. Add a new pack of plant food each time the water is replaced, and don't be afraid to ask for a couple extra packs with your order. 


5. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and yes even fruits

This may sound contradictory, but plants need a balance of climate temperatures. Direct sunlight and heat can be one of the fastest ways to shorten its lifespan. Additionally, leaving flowers near fruits produces high levels of ethylene. This interferes with the flowers production and growth. 






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